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Hot-melt adhesive for PP-R Piping SystemGet Latest Price

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Hot-melt adhesive for PP-R Piping System

Product name:Hot-melt adhesive for PP-R Piping System

Classification:Hot Melt Adhesives

Product Description:strong adhesion to aluminum foil;excellent durability&stability; simple&easy processing;safe&hygiene;Good weather resistance.

Hot-melt adhesive for PP-R piping system
High bonding strength, excellent chemical bonding force with aluminum.
Excellent bonding durability.
Good weather resistance, chemical resistance.

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Our company is a adhesive manufacturer. We hope to supply the best quality Hot-melt adhesive for PP-R Piping System to domestic and foreign companies, reasonable Hot-melt adhesive for PP-R Piping System prices and perfect service. Established a good reputation.

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