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adhesive resin Properties

  Self-adhesive resin cements bond to tooth structure and other materials with low (5-8 MPa) to medium (8-15 MPa) bond strengths. The separate use of a bonding agent is not recommended. Although bonding agents may be compatible with self-adhesive resin cements, their use makes the manipulation more complicated and does not dramatically improve bond strength to tooth structure. Flexural strength and modulus measured when these cements are light-activated are generally higher than when they are self-cured. Higher bond strengths can be obtained with esthetic and adhesive resin cements that are bonded with separate bonding agents or primers. Self-adhesive resin cements are reported to have values of linear expansion of 0.5% to 1.5% over two months. Use of these cements with all-ceramic restorations is not a concern.